Wine Storage Tip Of The Day

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Wine Storage Tip Of The Day

We would love to have every wine collector store with us, but that isn’t always geographically or physically possible.  That said we’d like to bring awareness to topics that could be relevant to you: overcharging by your wine storage facility or your collection being held ‘hostage’!

Our goal is to help our clients with their wines whenever possible, and sometimes that means finding wine storage in locations where there are not Domaine Wine Storage facilities.  The bills we receive often shock us.  Luckily there are quality storage options in many markets, but also ones that will charge for every inbound or outgoing box, and every touch in between.

The latest example was from a prominent east coast facility that charged us:

  • $8 per case per month for storage
  • $4 per case for inbound delivery
  • $4 again for removal

When deciding upon the correct wine storage facility for your collection, make sure to check the handling costs for wine entering or leaving.

Possibly more important are the terms on speed of delivery.  In this same transaction our wine was “held hostage” and we were told it could take up to 30 days to “close the account” and retrieve our wine.  Make sure that your storage provider can guarantee a pull within a reasonable time period.  Under normal circumstances this should be no more than 3-5 business days at the worst.

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