Wine bottles rest in a cellar that has been treated with professional wine organization from Domaine.

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Wine Inventory Services

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A Domaine employee uses a laptop in a cellar to inventory each bottle of wine, as a part of the wine organization process.


Everything in Its Place

Accumulating wine is one of life’s great joys, filling our cellars with old favorites and new adventures. But even the most meticulous collector could lose sight of a case here or a bottle there, making it all the more difficult to know what’s in your cellar — and when it’s time to drink it. Worry not, Domaine has you covered with a full cellar inventory.


Simple & Seamless

Tailored Process

Before we begin, we’ll ask a few questions about why you’re taking an inventory. Perhaps you’re preparing your cellar for auction or looking to digitize your collection. In any case, we’ll be ready.

Detailed Inventory

Each and every bottle is carefully inventoried by our team. Even if your wine is stored across multiple locations, we’ll get it all documented.

Real-Time Data

Your entire collection will be barcoded and catalogued in your personal online account. Simply log in to your account for an up-to-date to look at your cellar.

Above & Beyond

meticulous Organization

Whether your cellar is brand new or well-established, allow us to organize it to your liking. We’re happy to organize by region, varietal or any other taxonomy.


expert Appraisals

The value of a wine collection is measured not only in memories, but in dollars and cents as well. Our team can offer you an estimated worth for your cellar and any additional guidance you need.

Auction paddle and catalog.

personal Advisory

After an inventory, you’re sure to find some old favorites you’d love to stock up on, or perhaps a few vintages you’re ready to part with. In any case, we’re here to advise you based on the current market.


Your Contact

Andrew Traughber

Home Cellar Manager

“For more than a decade I have worked with Domaine clients in every aspect of our services. I bring this range of experience, expertise and passion for wine into every new project I conduct in a client’s home.”

Meet with Andrew


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