A wine bottle is compared to information in a catalogue for wine appraisals.

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Fine Wine Appraisals

Trust Domaine’s cellar advisors to provide an accurate valuation of your prized collection.


For Now — For the Future  

It’s important for any collector to know the value of their collection. Even if you don’t plan to sell now — or ever — there’s reassurance in knowing that your collection has worth in the market. Even in today’s fast-moving market, Domaine’s cellar advisors will provide you with a complete picture of your wine’s value to assist with liquidation, insurance coverage, transit and more.


Value in Store

Two Domaine employees perform wine appraisals by examining a wine bottle and catalogue.

Thorough Analysis

Our wine appraisal team analyzes specific factors for each bottle in order to determine its fair market value. We evaluate wine by technique, vintage, condition, availability and more.

Market-ready Estimations

We stand by our appraisals. When you’re ready to part with your collection, you can take full confidence that it will meet its appraised value in the wine market.

Insurance Preparations

In many cases, our clients seek a full appraisal before insuring their collection. In addition to a clear and accurate appraisal, we’re happy to facilitate the entire transaction and connect you with the best wine insurance provider.

Above & Beyond

A hand holds a bottle of wine in a cellar that has been treated with professional wine organization from Domaine.

extensive Documentation

Domaine offers careful inventory services for your collection, wherever it has settled. We’re happy to digitize and categorize each and every bottle you own for easy access.


exhaustive Establishment

We don’t settle for good enough when setting up a cellar. We meticulously organize each nook and cranny to your liking — whether that’s by region, size or any other taxonomy.

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Auction paddle and catalog.

industry Insight

After years of studying the wine trade, we’ve come to understand the buying and selling habits of collectors. As you prepare to grow or sell your own collection, allow us to provide market insights and expert recommendations.

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Your Contact

Andrew Traughber

Home Cellar Manager

“For more than a decade I have worked with Domaine clients in every aspect of our services. I bring this range of experience, expertise and passion for wine into every new project I conduct in a client’s home.”

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