6 Pack Layflat Wine Storage Box (QTY 10) – Holds 6 750ml Bottles


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The NEW 6 Pack Layflat holds and protects 6 bottles of wine. This bundle holds up to 60 bottles and includes 10 individual boxes with inserts.

The 6 Pack Layflat gives you the ability to expand your storage space. The design maximizes the space in your locker in areas where you don’t have room for a 12 case. Often times, the box can fit into the top of a locker or the side. Additionally, you’ll have improved access because you no longer have to remove bottles of a traditional 12 pack box.

Made to the same standard as our traditional 12 bottle layflat box, the 6 Pack Layflat can be stored on its side or its base.

  • Sold in a bundle of 10 boxes
  • Designed to accommodate a variety of wine bottle types
  • Designed and improved with over 10 years of heavy use in our warehouses
  • Made from thick, heavyweight, corrugated kraft board, 44 ECT
  • Heavy duty & crush resistant
  • 100% Recycled cardboard molded pulp inserts included
  • Dimensions of interior individual box:  20″ x 12 7/16″ x 3 3/4″



The new 6 Pack Layflat stacked on top of the 12 bottle layflat.


6 Bottle Wine Storage Box -Storage Locker - Maximize Your Storage Space - 6 Pack Layflat on Side - Domaine

Fit more bottles into your storage locker by using the 6 Pack Layflat.





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