6 Pack Layflat Wine Storage Box (QTY 5) – Holds 6 750ml Bottles


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The NEW 6 Pack Layflat holds and protects 6 bottles of wine. This bundle is 5 individual boxes and can hold 30 bottles in total. Our design accommodates varying bottle shapes and meets our strict standard for use in our facilities.

The 6 Pack Layflat offers all collectors the chance to add extra bottles into their storage space. All too often, we’ve seen wine collectors keep loose bottles in their storage lockers because they didn’t have an option for less-than-a-case storage. Domaine’s 6 Pack Layflat can help you maximize your storage space and improve access to your wine collection.

Made to the same standard as our traditional 12 bottle layflat box, the 6 Pack Layflat can be stored on its side or its base.

  • Sold in a bundle of 5 boxes
  • Designed to accommodate a variety of wine bottle types
  • Designed and improved with over 10 years of heavy use in our warehouses
  • Made from thick, heavyweight, corrugated kraft board, 44 ECT
  • Heavy duty & crush resistant
  • 100% Recycled cardboard molded pulp inserts included
  • Dimensions of interior individual box:  20″ x 12 7/16″ x 3 3/4″




6 Bottle Wine Storage Box -Storage Locker - Maximize Your Storage Space - 6 Pack Layflat on Side - Domaine

Increase the capacity of your storage space by utilizing the 6 Pack Layflat’s slim profile.


A comparison of our original 12 bottle layflat and our new 6 bottle layflat, the Domaine 6 Pack Layflat


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