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Do you buy wine in Europe and need to bring it back home?  Are you relocating overseas from the US and hope to take your wine with you?  We partner with several licensed importers and help to navigate the difficult paperwork and tax procedures involved in moving wine across borders.


Using our refrigerated consolidation warehouses in France and the UK, your overseas purchases can be consolidated and included in our quarterly shipments to the US.  With our importer and cargo partners, we handle everything from refrigerated ocean freight, strip labeling, label approval, customs paperwork and any duties or taxes.   We offer extremely competitive prices compared to other wine import companies, almost always less than parcel shipping, plus your wine is 100% temperature controlled for the entire duration of transport.

Additionally, Domaine can help you locate collectible wines for sale from Europe and handle all the steps involved in the procurement process through our network of wine partners

Our advisory services are designed to take the inconvenient hassles out of wine collecting. As a novice or an experienced buyer, you may be looking for market knowledge, provenance, research or deal execution. We can provide all of this while also spearheading the logistics, inventory process and organization associated with acquiring wines.  Click here to learn more about our Advisory Services.