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Every Collector Should Know The Value Of Their Wine. The Wine Market Moves Quickly. Don’t Be Left Without A Current Appraisal.

It’s incredibly important to know what you have. Whether cataloging into excel or CellarTracker, our analysis will provide information needed to make important decisions about your collection. The most common uses of our appraisals include: liquidation, insurance coverage, donation and wine moving.

Do you have more than a few cases of wine? If so, you should know its value and be properly protected by insurance. Refer to our insurance page to evaluate if you have the proper coverage.

Is your collection part of an estate or legal matter? We work with insurance and legal advisors to provide appraisals, inventory, transport and liquidation if needed.


Consulting with investment funds and individual wine investors is a core part of our business.   We are active traders who favor arbitrage, value analysis and a unique focus on the behavior of actual consumers.  We have insight into the buying and selling habits of wine collectors that few others have because we hold more wine in our wine storage warehouses than any provider in the country.

Wise investors know that fees and execution are what separates a good return from a great one, which is why we offer very cost conscious solutions and comprehensive service for every phase of the investment lifecycle.