Thirsty Thursday – your questions explained!

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Thirsty Thursday AprilJoin Us Each Third Thursday of the Month

Thirsty Thursday is quickly approaching this month. After receiving multiple inquiries regarding the event, we are going to take this opportunity to answer your questions!



 1. What is a BYO?

Short for “Bring your own”,  a BYO is an event where you can share and try wine with others – also known as a chance to drink your wine without a corkage fee.




2. Who will be there?

You’ll be in the company of fellow Domaine Storage clients and staff!


3.  When can I arrive? 

The event starts at 5:30 and ends at 7:30. This is an open house style event, so stop by when you can!


4.  Why should I attend Domaine’s BYO?

It’s a great opportunity to taste and learn about great wines, as well as socialize with fellow Domaine clients and staff – get to know your locker buddies.


5. Where is it and how can I get there? 

We’ll be popping bottles in the Domaine Lounge – we recommend taking your car or a form of public transportation. If you intend to try many wines – Über is a great option, as well.


Mark your Calendars for Upcoming Thirsty Thursday BYOs:

April 19
May 17
June 21
July 19
August 16
September 20
October 18
November 15
December 20

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