Stop the Styro!

Domaine Wine Storage would like to challenge all of our clients to think about the environmental impact of wine shipping. Wine is an agricultural product that depends on clean air, water and earth. Wine shippers, especially styrofoam, have a much higher price than may initially appear. You pay your vendors to use a shipper, and the increased cost of shipping the bulky box. Many of you then have us repack your shippers into normal boxes. We then have to pay to break down and dispose of these unwanted shippers. We have experimented with recyling and giving away extra styro, but quite frankly, we get many times more coming in than we can find homes for. At certain times of the year, each of our warehouses are filling multiple dumpsters per week to dispose of styro.

Shipping in original packaging, on a temperature-controlled pallet, is better for your wine, better for the environment, and usually much less expensive to boot!

Industry norms are hard to change, but here are some ways you can take action to end the reliance on styrofoam shippers, helping the environment and your wallet: