3rd Annual March Madness Pool!

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3rd Annual March Madness Pool!

2013 Domaine Wine Storage NCAA March Madness Tournament – Winner Takes All!

Back by popular demand, you are invited to participate in the Domaine Wine Storage March Madness pool.

1 – 750ml bottle of wine per entry, minimum $50 value (Per Wine Searcher low value; final determinations will be made by management if there are any questionable entries).

The conduct and format of the brackets will be run through the bracket manager on CBS Sportsline.  NOTE: you have to create your own login first to join the group.

Once the field has been announced on Sunday, March 17th, use CBS Sportsline to make your bracket selections.  When the tournament starts, you will be able to track your results LIVE!

One point will be awarded for every correct pick throughout the tournament.  In the event of a tiebreaker the winner will be determined by the final score of the championship game.

Noon EST on Thursday March 21st prior to the start of The Round of 64 Games.

Same as above.  We are happy to pull a specific bottle from any of your lockers, but all must be chosen prior to the 1st game.  No exceptions!

Tournament Schedule:

Date Event
March 17 Selection Sunday™
March 19 & 20 First Four®
March 21 & 22 Second Round
March 23 & 24 Third Round
March 28 & 29 NCAA Sweet Sixteen®
March 30 & 31 Elite Eight®
April 6 Final Four®
April 8 National Championship

If you are interested in participating follow this link to join the group:

To submit your entries please contact your respective Domaine facility at the contacts below:

Chicago  –  Christopher@www.domainewinestorage.com

New York  –   Michael@www.domainewinestorage.com

St. Louis  –  David@www.domainewinestorage.com

Washington DC  –  Mo@www.domainewinestorage.com


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