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Transporting wine can be complicated. Collectors are tasked with finding wine shippers that can properly and efficiently ship wine across the country while maintaining care and accurate temperatures for their valuable collections.

Premium Wine Shipping Services

Domaine Wine Storage is the leader in efficient, safe and cost effective wine moving services, and we are constantly fine-tuning our methods with the latest technology and logistics options. We utilize refrigerated, temperature-controlled vehicles and a robust wine transit network that we’ve been cultivating for more than a decade. Whether across town or cross-country, we will meticulously manage the entire wine shipping process, including planning and logistics and replete with tape and wine shipping boxes.

GPS | Temperature Monitoring

Although Domaine Transit maintains regular contact with its transportation vendors while your shipment is in progress, a GPS and temperature monitor can be added to your shipment for an additional fee. Shipments utilizing this service item can be tracked, providing updates on the route, location and temperature per hour upon request. Once the shipment is completed, a map of its path and an environmental data report can be provided. This monitor is only available for direct shipments that do not require temporary storage of more than two weeks.

Wine Transport Option 1: Home Wine Moving Services

We understand how time consuming and stressful a home move can be. Allow Domaine Transit to manage the relocation of your wine collection. Our trained wine professionals can handle all aspects of the move including:

  • Ordering necessary supplies, such as wine shipping boxes, if needed
  • Wine Packing at your home
  • Wine shipping via temperature-controlled freight
  • Unpacking into your new home
  • Removing wine shipping boxes and debris
  • Organizing your wine collection using CellarTracker software, if needed
  • Arranging wine storage, if necessary

No matter the size of your collection or location of your home, we can help. Please complete our wine shipping form, and we will provide you with an estimate.

We Can Organize Your Wines In CellarTracker

Additionally, we can organize and record your wines and their purchase history into CellarTracker upon delivery to your new home or wine storage locker to avoid the hassle of inventorying the wine yourself. Moving is the perfect opportunity to get organized! Contact our Domaine Transit team for more information.

Wine Transport Option 2: Consolidated Wine Shipping

As a serious wine collector, you’re likely receiving shipments throughout the year from all over the country, and even the globe. Coordinating your wine logistics can be difficult, as you’re tracking multiple shipments, signing for packages, and placing your wines into storage.

How Consolidated Shipping Works: With year-round, temperature controlled freight, Domaine ensures your newly acquired wines can join your current collection with ease. While traditional shipping methods through common carriers require “perfect temperatures,” Domaine works with our clients, their vendors and our partners to consolidate winery, retail and auction purchases during any season.

Through this network, your wine becomes part of a larger shipment that reduces cost of transporting individual items while retaining our high standard of protection. Ultimately, your collection is safe from the elements, and it will arrive at your storage location with minimal effort on your end.

All you need to do is let us know who and where you are purchasing from. We’ll take care of the rest.

How Consolidated Shipping Saves: As you may have experienced, shipping from the winery, retailer and auction house can significantly raise the cost of your wine. What may have started as a great acquisition can lose value through the time, money and effort it takes to join the rest of your collection.

As a Domaine Storage client, you gain access to the largest network of wine storage warehouses in the country. This results in tremendous savings for you, while also adding the value of our completely refrigerated transportation and warehousing solutions.

When local pick-up is required, our service rate is $40 per box. If it’s simply a transfer between any two Domaine facilities, the rate is only $30 per box.

Wine Transport Option 3: Multi-Pallet Shipments

Domaine Transit is equipped to provide full-truckload temperature-controlled shipping. If you are a commercial wine company, auction house, or an individual trying to ship a large collection, we can help. Please complete our wine shipping form  for an estimate.


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