A Notable Auction Nov 21-22

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A Notable Auction Nov 21-22

In over 10 years of advising clients on acquisitions, auctions and selling their collections, we have very rarely posted about upcoming auctions. Today we are posting to discuss the Roy Welland Collection. His first sale delivered eye-popping results in September. The second half of that auction is coming up on November 21 and 22, also with Wally’s, but in LA instead of New York. Roy has stored with us for many years, and the provenance of this cellar is impeccable.

Why are we highlighting a collection whose last sale featured so few bargains? Over the last decade or so, many houses have hosted auctions in LA. Very few companies still do. Maybe there are too many traffic jams, or too many great parties, but auctions in LA never seem to get the traction that they do in New York or even Chicago. The prices for the Welland Sale in New York were stratospheric, led by an unusually strong cadre of restaurant and trade buyers. Wally’s is an LA company with deep roots in the wine community there, and I expect they will have a great turnout. Yet we can almost guarantee some opportunities to buy great wines at very fair prices, and we would like to help you participate.
Buying at auction is tedious, and inspecting lots ahead of time, researching prices and dealing with the paperwork afterward is time consuming. Many collectors rely on us for just these services, and we have worked diligently to build a business where we have alignment with our clients. We don’t simply want to bid for you and walk away, but rather offer services for inspection, shipping, inventory, delivery and of course storage if you need it. If you are interested in any of the blue chip wines from Burgundy, Italy or Champagne, this is a sale you should care about. There is quantity of wines you never see in quantity, and especially for white Burgundies, legendary wines from Coche and Leflaive that have been generally immune from premature oxidation. Finally, we know what a wine should cost. We don’t overpay or bid with our emotions. We follow your orders, do our homework, and respect your wallet. We know that even if you are outbid on 90% of what we seek on your behalf, we are protecting your interests and building relationships.
In closing, please click here for the catalog. There are wines for all budgets, and absolutely no filler. It is a well curated sale, and one we are excited to attend in person. If we can be of assistance, with advice, bidding strategy or pricing research, please let us know, and if you plan to attend the sale we can share a glass over the weekend. Most importantly, thank you for your support of Cellar Advisors and Domaine Wine Storage!