Maximize Your Cellar Space With Our Wine Boxes

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All wine collectors make it to this point sooner or later.

Your bottles are sitting unbothered in their dark nooks at 55 degrees and 70 percent humidity. The dust is accumulating because you’re patiently waiting for them to mature. Meanwhile, you’re eagerly awaiting several cases to add to your collection after a successful trip to Napa. There’s one problem. You don’t know if you have enough space to fit it all anymore.

Whether you’re storing your collection in a home cellar or a wine storage facility, space is extremely valuable. If you’re starting to notice that your storage is almost at capacity, it’s time to rethink how you’re storing your wine.  

The solution to your cramped wine storage is the Domaine Cardboard Wine Box

You need to organize your wine in boxes that are built for wine storage. This way you aren’t left digging through crumpled cardboard and styrofoam. The Domaine wine box can fit every size or shape of wine bottle, standing up or laying on their side. They’re thicker than typical boxes and they can be stacked without being crushed. 


Our boxes are perfect for long-term storage in your cellar or our facilities.

In some cases, the reason that wine storage becomes difficult is because of the variety in bottle shapes and sizes. The Domaine wine boxes are built with all types of wine bottles in mind. They’re tall enough to accommodate the height of longer bottles such as California Cabernet and German Riesling bottles. 

Perhaps, you’ve been using traditional wooden wine boxes to store your collection. Those are great for stacking and organizing, but they’re more difficult to work with. This is especially true when you’re on the hunt for a specific bottle. If you’ve been using wine shipping boxes with styrofoam shippers, you’re losing valuable storage space. Our boxes are nearly half the size. 

Domaine Boxes are also easy to travel with. It makes packing and unpacking wines a breeze, especially when traveling to a holiday party or wine event. We use our boxes in our facilities everyday to prepare wine for pickups, deliveries and long-term storage. 

Whether you prefer to stand your bottles upright or lay them on their sides, there is a Domaine wine box that can fit your needs and maximize your space. 

Want to see them for yourself? Click here to view them on our shop. Please reach out with any questions you have about the Domaine wine boxes or other Domaine Storage services.  

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