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Storage Starts With PickUp

Did you know there’s a better way to ship your wine? Most people don’t.

They believe that shipping wine is expensive. It involves special packaging and seasonal timing to avoid swings in temperature. Worst of all, it takes a lot of your time. There’s the coordination of the delivery and being home to sign for your wine.

You know the feeling, right? “Drop everything, Honey. The wine is here!”

Well, there’s a better way.

Instead of shipping your wine, ask for a Domaine PickUp.

Domaine PickUp makes shipping your wine easy and safe.

What’s Domaine PickUp?

A Domaine Team Member, who specializes in wine handling and logistics, picks up your wine wherever it is, including retail shops, auction houses and wineries.

It’s better than shipping, because Domaine picks up your wine year-round with a fleet of temperature-controlled vehicles.

Better still, Domaine brings your wine back to one of our 5 storage facilities that is maintained at ideal conditions for long-term storage, 55°F and 70% humidity.

From the moment your wine is picked up, it’s perfectly cared for like the rest of your collection.

Temperature Controlled Transportation

Domaine PickUp offers clients temperature-controlled
shipping year-round.

Professional Handling - Person Holding Domaine Box

The Domaine PickUp Process

1. You become a Domaine storage client.
2. You let us know where your wine is located.
3. We pick it up.

It can’t be that simple? It is.

Domaine PickUp can pick up your wine virtually anywhere.

Image of a Winery

At Wineries

Image of Auction

At Auction Houses

Image of Wine Retail Shop

At Retail Shops

Your wine is handled by our team of professionals
from pickup to your locker.

Image of Person With Pallet

Handled by Experts

Image of Truck with Directional Arrows

Moved by Experts

Image of Person With Box - Professional Handling

Delivered by Experts

Your wine is protected as soon as it’s picked up.

Frequently Asked Questions about Domaine PickUp

Winery Auction Retail Is Where Domaine Can Pickup your Wine

Where can Domaine PickUp collect my wine?

Domaine can pick up your wine virtually anywhere. We have a network of storage facilities and partners across the United States in all the major markets.

  • Do you buy a lot of wine in Napa Valley?
  • Do you purchase wine at auction houses in New York, Chicago or San Francisco?
  • Do you source from retailers in different states who have access to your favorite wines?

To protect your investment, use Domaine PickUp.

Additionally, if you have wine overseas, our Advisory division can help you import it from France and the UK.

Money Sign Cost of Domaine PickUp

How much does Domaine PickUp cost?

Domaine PickUp is $40 when local pickup is required. If the wine is already at a Domaine facility, the cost is $30.

Why are there two different prices? The extra $10 covers things like gas, equipment and the special handling from a Domaine Team Member.

Timing and Protection of Your Wine Collection

How long does it take?

Domaine PickUp is not about speed. It’s about safety. When we started the program, we knew we could never compete with the shipping behemoths who offer overnight or next day delivery. However, we knew we could do it better and safer.

We do something no one else can. We move your wine from pickup to delivery temperature-controlled every step of the way.

On average, it takes 8 weeks from pickup to your locker. So as long as you’re not in a hurry to drink it, we can safely handle your wine for you.

Domaine Locker

What happens to my wine between pickup and delivery into my storage locker?

Your wine is safely stored under ideal conditions at our storage facility. When it’s ready to ship, we place it on a pallet and onto a refrigerated truck.

Happy Earth With Domaine Box

What about Styrofoam? Isn’t that bad for the environment?

With Domaine PickUp, we use your wine’s original packaging or a Domaine branded cardboard box. Our boxes come in various shapes and sizes and are designed to maximize your storage space.

Once your wine arrives, there’s no need to unpack a bulky shipper box and replace it with an additional Domaine box. One box the whole trip.

Ready to change the way you ship your wine?

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  2. Are you a current Domaine Client?
  3. Where do you store your wine with Domaine currently?

Then, check your inbox for an email with the next steps.

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