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Since 2003, Domaine has assisted wine collectors with procuring, storing, protecting and transporting their wine.

Every bottle matters, and we’re personally invested in taking care of your wine with the utmost care. Our goal is to allow you to enjoy your collection with ease and peace of mind.


  • Over 2 million bottles in storage at our nationwide network of 5 facilities
  • Each storage facility maintained at ideal conditions: 55°F and 70% humidity
  • Secured with a backup generator and robust security


  • Appraisals
  • Market intelligence on what to drink, buy and sell
  • Negotiation, inventory tracking, packing, shipment and payment processing
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Storage - Guide to Domaine - Domaine Storage


  • Comprehensive, competitive wine insurance coverage including accidental breakage
  • Industry’s best cardboard boxes; 45% thicker than average
  • Varying box sizes to fit every bottle type
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  • Catalog wines in home cellar or off-site storage
  • Make cellar space easier to navigate and wines more accessible
  • CellarTracker™ inventory and tracking


  • 100% temperature-controlled logistics network with professional handling during packaging, pickup and delivery
  • Up to 45% savings on shipping compared to common carriers
  • Access to our importer for purchases made in France and the UK


At Domaine, we offer clients a number of different locker sizes depending on the size of their collection. For beginning collectors, you can start with a Quarter Locker that holds 13 cases and upgrade as your collection grows.

For seasoned collectors, you can purchase multiple lockers to ensure your wine is safe and secure.

For complete details, view the table below.

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payments of
One annual
payment of
Quarter Locker: 13 cases - 18 cu ftn/a$360
Half Locker: 27 cases - 38 cu ft$185$650
Full Locker: 54 cases - 76 cu ft$370$1,295

12 bottle box of like wine, full or partially full box$3.00
6 bottle box of like wine, full or partially full box$2.50
Mixed case $2.00 per line item, not to exceed $10.00 per box

 Services Provided
Access to a team of knowledgeable wine professionals and certified sommeliers
Coordination, confirmation and inspection of all case deliveries
Access to our worldwide temperature-controlled shipping network
Consolidation from nationwide vendors
View inventory in real-time through our Online App
Complete inspection of each bottle delivered
Confirmation of each delivery including vendor, case amount and bottle description
Management of any packing and shipping discrepancies between vendor and customer
Bottle pulls, packing and delivery upon request

We deliver to NYC every weekday except for major holidays. All clients receive one complimentary pickup or delivery each month to any location in Manhattan of up to two boxes.

Rotate your phone for best viewing of the service levels table.

Crush Wine & Spirits PickupComplimentary
Acker, Merrall & Condit's PickupComplimentary
Flatiron Wines Pickup$12
Italian Wine Merchants$12
Manhattan Delivery$12
Competitor Facility PickupComplimentary


We offer our clients insurance for scenarios including storage and in transit between Domaine facilities. This comprehensive protection includes coverage for:

  • Accidental breakage
  • Extremes of temperature inside the cellar and in transit
  • Unauthorized consumption
  • Label damage
  • US and International shipments
  • Wine, beer and spirits
  • Fire, theft, wind, earthquake and flood


To learn more about your insurance options, see the flow chart below.


Michael and Geoffrey are here to assist you with all your wine collection and storage needs. To reach out, feel free to call them at (732) 287-6378 or email Michael directly at michael[at]

Michael Mahle

Sales Manager

Geoffrey Geiger

Client Service Manager