Welcome to Domaine Napa

As a Domaine client, your collection is now safe alongside 2 million bottles in storage within our network of 5 nationwide facilities.

Our promise is that you enjoy your collection with ease and peace of mind. In this welcome guide, you’ll find pertinent information and several benefits of being a Domaine Napa Client.

Pickup and Delivery

Temperature-controlled local pickup and deliveries are available upon request. We can provide you with customized rates based on volume and location.

Wine Pull Requests

As a Premier client, you can submit wine pull requests at least two business days before your planned collection or delivery.

In order to collect your wine after business hours, we’ll provide a one-time-use code to access the pickup locker containing your pulled wines.

If you are a Standard client and can provide a current inventory, you can request a wine pull for an additional fee.

Shipping to Domaine

Arrange for your shipments to arrive at Domaine Napa between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding certain holidays. Please include the following fields on all shipments:

Your Name
C/O Domaine Storage
478 Technology Way
Napa, California 94558

Additional Domaine Services

LABORA La Carte Warehouse/Administrative Labor$85 per hour, 1/4 hour increments
On-site Packing/Unpacking$100 per hour, 1/4 hour increments
Collection Appraisal and Associate Consulting$125 per hour
Cardboard Layflats6 pack, 750ml – $7.00 each
12 pack, 750ml – $9.00 each
Cardboard Upright12 pack, 750ml – $9.00 each
Cardboard Magnum6 pack, 1.5L – $9.00 each
Weinbox Modular Storage System12 pack, 750ml – $20.00 each
(Available in St. Louis, New York, and Washington, DC)
Weekdays: 3-hour event$750
Weekends: 3-hour event$1,500
Rates include 1 Domaine employee for 3 hours including set up and clean up$100 per hour for each additional hour after 3
CROSS DOCKIncludes forklift load/offload and 5 business days temporary storage$125 per pallet
Hand loading/offloading and pallet wrap Additional fees apply
DOMAINE PICKUPTemperature controlled transfer between Domaine Facilities$30 per box
Local pickup when needed+$10 per box
ADVISORYCellarTracker (w/ Barcode Labels)$3.95 per bottle
CellarTracker (w/o Barcode Labels)$2.95 per bottle
Acquisition and Consignment ServicesAvailable upon request
Temporary Pallet Storage, limited availability$140 per pallet per month
Not designed to be accessed for duration of the term$85 pallet break fee per occurrence

Domaine Napa Map

Facility map coming soon.

Meet Your Domaine Napa Team

Peter, Adam, Josh and Benjamin are here to assist you with all your wine collection and storage needs. To reach out, feel free to call them at 707.206.6319 or email Peter directly at peter@domainestorage.com.

Peter Molinari

General Manager

Adam Young

Warehouse Manager

Josh Mercer

Logistics and Client Service Manager

Benjamin Parker-Swain

Inventory and Warehouse Associate

Domaine Napa Information


478 Technology Way
Napa, California 94558

Phone Numbers

Phone: (707) 206-6319
Fax: (314) 255-1939

Warehouse Hours

Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Important Passwords

WiFi Network: DomaineGuest