Domaine DC Guide to Services

Domaine DC was the first ABRA authorized storage location to host multiple retail and wholesale licensees. Since 2003, our expert team has acted as an incubator for new businesses and enabled established businesses to continue to grow within, as well as beyond, the District of Columbia. We continue to pioneer new relationships with commercial clients based in the DC area.

Meet Your Domaine DC Team

Matt, John and Griff are here to assist you with all your wine collection and storage needs. To reach out, feel free to call them at (202) 808-0858 or email Matt directly at

Matt Graham

General Manager

John Portillo

Warehouse Manager

Griff Paquin

Warehouse Associate

About Domaine


  • Over 2 million bottles in storage at our nationwide network of 5 facilities
  • Each storage facility maintained at ideal conditions: 55°F and 70% humidity
  • Secured with a backup generator and robust security


  • Appraisals
  • Market intelligence on what to drink, buy and sell
  • Negotiation, inventory tracking, packing, shipment and payment processing
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Storage - Guide to Domaine - Domaine Storage


  • Comprehensive, competitive wine insurance coverage including accidental breakage
  • Industry’s best cardboard boxes; 45% thicker than average
  • Varying box sizes to fit every bottle type
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  • Catalog wines in home cellar or off-site storage
  • Make cellar space easier to navigate and wines more accessible
  • CellarTracker™ inventory and tracking


  • 100% temperature-controlled logistics network with professional handling during packaging, pickup and delivery
  • Up to 45% savings on shipping compared to common carriers
  • Access to our importer for purchases made in France and the UK

Commercial Storage Rates

We’re looking to partner with brands, companies and businesses who benefit from our values and core services. Below you’ll find rates for our standard commercial storage, activity pricing is available on request.

Rotate your phone for best viewing of the service levels table.

Account SizeQuarterly Billing RateAnnual Billing Rate 
1-49 cases$9.60 / case per month$8.35 / case per month
50-99 cases$7.65 / case per month$6.65 / case per month
100-249 cases$6.35 / case per month$5.50 / case per month
250-499 cases$5.15 / case per month$4.45 / case per month
500+ cases$3.80 / case per month$3.30 / case per month


We offer our clients insurance for scenarios including storage and in transit between Domaine facilities. This comprehensive protection includes coverage for:

  • Accidental breakage
  • Extremes of temperature inside the cellar and in transit
  • Unauthorized consumption
  • Label damage
  • US and International shipments
  • Wine, beer and spirits
  • Fire, theft, wind, earthquake and flood


To learn more about your insurance options, see the flow chart below.

up to $50,000$0.75 per $100 in estimated value
$50,001 to $250,000$0.70 per $100 in estimated value
$250,001 to $1,000,000$0.60 per $100 in estimated value
More than $1,000,000$0.50 per $100 in estimated value
All values$0.75 per $100 in estimated value

* The estimated value of the product is to be based upon a reasonable valuation provided to Lessor by Lessee; provided, that if Lessee does not provide such valuation, the estimated value shall be determined by Lessor through a third-party valuation service.  The estimated value of the product shall be established at the beginning of each year of the Initial Term or Renewal Term, and the premium due shall be based upon such value, with no refunds in the event of a decrease in value during the course of the year.