Domaine Cardboard and Weinbox Wholesale Guide

Welcome the home of Domaine Cardboard and Weinbox for wholesalers. Over the past 15 years, we’ve designed, developed, imported, bought and sold amazing wine storage solutions to support our storage, advisory and transit divisions at Domaine.

Learn how you can unlock hidden revenue, maximize square footage and improve your operations with our line of wine storage solutions.

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Domaine Cardboard - Weinbox - Wine Storage Solutions - Boxes

Domaine Storage Solutions

We offer two distinct product lines to retailers, wholesalers, distributors, bars, restaurants as well as moving and storage companies.


Domaine Cardboard Box in Warehouse - Wine Storage Solutions

Domaine Cardboard

First, our Domaine Cardboard Box is perfect for packing, repacking and organizing wine collections of any size. Maximize your storage space and your protection. We developed these boxes in our own storage facilities, and we use during home-cellar organizations and wine transit jobs.



Second, Weinbox is perfect solution for tight-spaces and growing collections. The stackable, collapsible and affordable solution helps collectors and business to organize their wines, spirits and beers. Weinbox is made in Germany and exclusively imported to North America by Domaine.



Domaine Cardboard Boxes in Locker Being Put Away - Wine Storage Solutions

Domaine Cardboard

We offer business 3 separate models for bulk purchases:

  • Domaine Cardboard Boxes
  • Oyster White Cardboard Boxes
  • Custom Cardboard Boxes

Each model comes in 4 distinct styles:

  • 12-pack Upright
    • Dimensions: 14 X 10 3/4 X 13
  • 12-pack Layflat
    • Dimensions: 20 X 12 7/16 X 7
  • 6-pack Magnum
    • Dimensions: 13 1/4 X 9 X 17
  • 6-pack Layflat
    • Dimensions: 19 1/2 x 11 3/4  x  3 1/8

Domaine Cardboard Boxes


Domaine Cardboard Boxes are our classic design. During the past 15 years, we’ve engineered these boxes to withstand the ideal storage conditions of our facility, transit vehicles and various home cellar environments. With over 400 hours of research and development, we continue to evolve our box to improve our design.

Available in:

  • 12-pack Upright
  • 12-pack Layflat
  • 6-pack Magnum
  • 6-pack Layflat


Why Does The Box Matter - Wine Storage Solutions - Domaine Box



Oyster White Cardboard Boxes


Our Oyster White Cardboard Boxes are built to the exact specs and standards as our Domaine Cardboard Boxes. This solution is perfect for businesses looking for interject their brand without pursue the full-cost of Custom Boxes. If you don’t want to use your label design for organization, we can help you create custom stamps or stickers for your boxes.

Available in:

  • 12-pack Upright
  • 12-pack Layflat
  • 6-pack Magnum
  • 6-pack Layflat


Is Our Box Expensive - Wine Storage Solutions - Domaine Box



Custom Cardboard Boxes


If you’re ready to commit to your own signature design, you’re ready for Custom Cardboard Boxes. You can work directly with our team and our designers to build a box tailored specifically to our business.

Available in:

  • 12-pack Upright
  • 12-pack Layflat
  • 6-pack Magnum
  • 6-pack Layflat



Weinboxes Closeup - Wine Storage Solutions


Weinbox is available to retailers, winemakers, bars, country clubs, restaurants alike. Because it’s stackable, portable and easy-to-access, Weinbox can maximize the footprint of even the most difficult spaces. Easily convert a closet into a wine locker or maximize spirits storage underneath your bar.



  • Exterior – 19 x 10 1/2 x 9 7/10
  • Interior – 18 1/10 x 9 1/2 x 9
  • Weight – 3.4 lbs
  • Load Capacity – 40 lbs


Domaine - Weinbox - With Bottles - Wine Storage Solutions



About Domaine

In 1998, Domaine’s founder worked at a fine wine retail shop and quickly became aware of the ways in which retailers struggled to support their largest clients. He began filling in the gaps through inventory and organizational services which allowed the clients to focus on more enjoyable aspects of their hobby.

This passion for wine and first-class customer service was so inspiring that his business grew quickly to include other services. Those initial services are still at the core of our work, and we have grown to offer support throughout the entire wine collecting lifecycle.

We partner with new and established wine collectors to grow, sell, organize, move, store and protect their collections.

The company has 3 divisions: Advisory, Storage and Transportation and includes 5 refrigerated warehouses in Chicago, Saint Louis, New York, Napa and Washington DC.



  • Over 2 million bottles in storage at our nationwide network of 5 facilities
  • Each storage facility maintained at ideal conditions: 55°F and 70% humidity
  • Secured with a backup generator and robust security


  • Appraisals
  • Market intelligence on what to drink, buy and sell
  • Negotiation, inventory tracking, packing, shipment and payment processing
Cellar Organization - Guide to Domaine - Domaine Storage
Storage - Guide to Domaine - Domaine Storage


  • Comprehensive, competitive wine insurance coverage including accidental breakage
  • Industry’s best cardboard boxes; 45% thicker than average
  • Varying box sizes to fit every bottle type
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  • Catalog wines in home cellar or off-site storage
  • Make cellar space easier to navigate and wines more accessible
  • CellarTracker™ inventory and tracking


  • 100% temperature-controlled logistics network with professional handling during packaging, pickup and delivery
  • Up to 45% savings on shipping compared to common carriers
  • Access to our importer for purchases made in France and the UK

Meet Your Domaine Team

For ordering, pricing and more information, please contact Chris Zago. Chris is happy to assist with all your storage solution needs.

Reach out directly to Chris by phone (314) 766-4091 or email at

Chris Zago

Strategic Sales Associate and General Manager, Domaine Saint Louis