Our Team

At Domaine, our team is connected by a deep appreciation for wine and those who enjoy it. Everything we do here — service, delivery, community — starts with remarkable people.

About Us

Genuine Care, Exceptional Service

The Domaine experience is defined not by our size or reach, but by our people. We draw on a rich hospitality background to serve clients with the utmost sincerity. At every turn, you’ll find a personal, comforting experience that enables you to pursue this timeless passion with ease and enjoyment.

Meet the Team

Katherine Lazar

CEO & Co-Owner

Drew Paquin

Head of Facilities

Peter Molinari

Head of Growth & Strategy

Anthony Wynn

Head of Continuous Improvement

Rick Heinlein


Jennifer Morgan

Business Development Bay Area

Michael Acierno

Business Development Southeast

Chris Zago

Business Development

David Adolf

Business Development Northeast

Jordan Bernfield

Business Development Midwest

Ian Dorin

Cellar Trading Manager

Andrew Traughber

Home Cellar Manager

Joe Quigle

Logistics Director

Joe Boruff


Luke Dunakey

IT Manager

Adam Young

Operations Director

Benjamin Parker-Swain

Operations Manager, Napa

Joe Chambers

Operations Manager, Florida

John Portillo

Operations Manager, DC

Brandon Scodius

Operations Manager, Chicago

Jessica Nickles


Elizabeth Kurz

Facilities Coordinator

Ashley Whittaker


Gordon Smith

Cellar Trading Coordinator

Andrew Manfredi

Inventory Team Lead

Jarred Harriott

Fine Wine Associate

Martin Aguilar

Fine Wine Associate

Matt Maloney

Logistics Coordinator

Vincent Wong

Fine Wine Associate

Aaron Phillips

Fine Wine Associate

Theresa Calabrese

Logistics Coordinator

Josh Mercer

Logistics Coordinator

Murphy Wimer

Logistics Coordinator

Chris Spicacci

Assistant Supervisor Fulfillment

David Nelson

Fine Wine Associate

Deven Baker

Logistics Coordinator

Kyle Hendrickson

Assistant Supervisor Receiving

Luigi Demartino

Fine Wine Associate

Omar Ocampo

Fine Wine Associate

Andrew Moore

Fine Wine Associate

Steve Snyder

Operations Manager, St. Louis

Andrew Johnson

Fine Wine Associate

Alyssa Davis

Fine Wine Associate

Jorge Olivera

Fine Wine Specialist

Patrick Chang

Fine Wine Associate

Antonio Polcaro

Office & Logistics Coordinator

Rebecca Miles-Steiner

Fine Wine Specialist

Eddy Tshamala

Fine Wine Associate

Julian Mercado

Fine Wine Associate

Kyle Preston

Fine Wine Associate

Thomas Masterson

Fine Wine Specialist

David Cipriano

Fine Wine Associate

Rachael Ripp

Fine Wine Specialist

Alexander Furst

Fine Wine Associate

Zach Hill

Fine Wine Associate

Mark Selleck

Fine Wine Specialist


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