Press Release – Domaine creates 6 Pack Layflat Box Based on Customer Demand

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Contact: Brian McCann

Company: Domaine Storage

Phone: (314) 667-5328



Domaine creates 6 Pack Layflat Box Based on Customer Demand

With a new box design, Domaine can help clients better organize and transport their wine.


Saint Louis, MO: Domaine launches the 6 Pack Layflat, a cardboard wine storage box that holds 6 bottles and is available for purchase today. The design has been developed internally over the past year to maximize storage space at facilities, in transit and at home. Based on the best designs of half-case boxes common in France and Italy, the Domaine 6 Pack Layflat becomes one of the first commercially available 6 bottle cardboard wine storage boxes in the U.S. A main concern when creating this box was maximizing space and minimizing materials. In particular, the box will help local pickups and deliveries in the New York market where less-than-case orders to and from Manhattan are typical.


Chris Zago, General Manager of Domaine Saint Louis who oversees cardboard production, sales and operations, has been instrumental in the development of the new box. “We listened to our clients who have requested a smaller box. As we created prototypes, we quickly realized that they were easier to transport. Plus, the boxes made wine in lockers more accessible.” When clients store mixed cases of wine in a traditional Layflat, they have to pull out bottles off the top layer to access bottles on the bottom. He continued, “When clients started seeing and using the box, we were immediately receiving requests for more. We continued to push production so that we could get the boxes out by the end of 2019.”


The 6 Pack Layflat is built to the same rigorous standards as the rest of the Domaine family of boxes including 3 other styles: Layflat, Upright and Magnum. The boxes are also available in 3 designs: Domaine Branded, Oyster White and Custom Designs.


About the Domaine 6 Pack Layflat:


  • Maximizes storage space, fits in lockers where there is not enough room for a full case
  • Easy-to-carry, a sealed box protects your wine and can be carried under one arm
  • Allows for the storage of Burgundy, Bordeaux and Champagne style bottles
  • Made of 44 ECT corrugated cardboard, 45% thicker than the average wine storage box
  • Built to withstand ideal, long-term temperature conditions of 55°F and 70% humidity
  • Boxes can be stacked, repacked and used in local and national wine shipments
  • Internal Dimensions: 20 x 12 7/16 x 3 3/4


About Domaine: Domaine is the largest network of wine storage facilities in the U.S. with facilities in Saint Louis, Chicago, New York, Washington, DC and Napa. Since 2003, Domaine has assisted wine collectors with sourcing, storing, protecting, organizing and transporting their wine. Domaine’s goal is to allow clients to enjoy their wine collection with ease and peace of mind.




6 Bottle Wine Storage Box -Storage Locker - Maximize Your Storage Space - 6 Pack Layflat on Side - Domaine

Domaine Storage Featured Press

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Domaine Press and Media

We are always humbled when asked

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Domaine Featured in Feast Magazine

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Domaine Featured in Feast Magazine

Special thanks to Feast Magazine for interviewing Marc Lazar and featuring Domaine Storage! You can read the interview here.

Marc on Million Dollar Minute!

  • August 12, 2013 
  • Press
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Marc on Million Dollar Minute!

Check out Marc Lazar on CNBC’s Million Dollar Minute!  Marc toured CNBC reporter Robert Frank through one of our clients $3.5 million wine collections.  Over the past 5 years, 6,750 bottles have been specially curated, bar coded into CellarTracker, organized and managed by the Cellar Advisors team.

Click on the link below to view the video on CNBC’s website:

Come Flood or Fire

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Come Flood or Fire

Come Flood or Fire; How to Keep Your Vintage Wines Safe.

Marc Lazar speaks with Alex Matchett of London’s Spear’s magazine online about safety precautions put in place at all Domaine Facilities.  Read the story here. 

Christopher Klingenstein contributes to Decanter magazine.

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Christopher Klingenstein contributes to Decanter magazine.

Pick up the July issue of Decanter magazine! Domaine Chicago’s Christopher Klingenstein discusses importing and storing wine

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