An auction paddle with the number 91 sits on top of auction sheets and catalogues for someone wanting to sell fine wine. Sourcing, Storage, Managing, Moving

Buy & sell fine wine

with total confidence

Navigate the ever-changing wine market with Domaine’s expert advisory team.

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For Every Collector

There’s joy to be had in tracking down a rare vintage or procuring an exciting case. But despite your best efforts, finding certain wines can be challenging. Or perhaps you’re selling your collection, but are unsure who to trust with your wine and how to find a proper home for it. Enter Domaine’s advisors, who offer decades of experience and incredible relationships with the world’s finest retailers, auction houses and beyond.

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Two Domaine employees examine a bottle and compare it to a catalogue for someone wanting to sell fine wine.


At Your Service

  • Service. Working with Domaine is a comforting and attentive experience at every turn.
  • Knowledge. Our team has been buying and selling fine wines for decades.
  • Relationships. Retailers and auction houses know our legacy of care and fulfillment.
  • Results. We never rest until the job is done.
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