Domaine Holiday Closures 2019

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Domaine Holiday Closures 2019

We hope that you are looking forward to the upcoming holiday season as much as we are.  Parties, dinners and celebrations are around the corner.  Now is the time plan your pull requests for the holiday festivities. 

During the holiday season, our team will be enjoying extended time away. This will have the following impact on our facility hours. 

Domaine Facilities will be closed during the following days: 

Thanksgiving Break - Thursday, November 28 through Sunday, November 31 . 

Christmas & New Year’s Break - Wednesday, December 25 through Wednesday, January 1 .

During this time, normal access to collections in Chicago, Napa and DC will remain unchanged.

For those of you who wish to pull wines before these closings, please note the following deadlines.

Thanksgiving Break wine pulls must be submitted no later than Wednesday, November 20.

Christmas & New Year’s Break wine pulls must be submitted no later than Wednesday, December 16.

We will be open on Saturday, December 21 to accommodate those who would like to access their lockers before the closing.

Domaine New York clients please login to your account to make all pull requests. 

For all other locations, please contact your local facility and the Team will be happy to assist you.

We wish you a very happy start to the holidays, and please reach out to Lauren Morrow at with any questions you have.

Top Wine Moving Tips From an Expert

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Top Wine Moving Tips From an Expert

Moving a wine collection is no simple task. There are a ton of logistics that go into the preparation and then the move itself. While it’s no walk in the park, it’s absolutely worth it to take moving a wine collection seriously.   

We sat down to talk with Joe Quigle, General Manager of Domaine Transit. He said it’s critical for people to keep in mind that wine moving takes planning and organization. It’s the only way to guarantee your wine stays safe and cool in transit.    

Also, we asked him about the most common requests he receives. “I hear it all the time. People want speed.” The problem is that when done properly, moving a wine collection is never speedy. In the world where we expect almost instant delivery, it’s hard to explain the opposite. “I spend a lot of time on the phone talking to people. I let them know that wine moving is like wine collecting. Good things are worth waiting for.” As wine collectors stressed by a move, we can forget that wine is temperamental. It does not respond well to being rushed.   

Some wines are better with age, but all wines are better if moved with patience and attention to detail. 

There are some clear preventative measures to take: 

  • Keep your collection at a cool, constant temperature 
  • Keep your collection out of sunlight 
  • Protect your wine with proper packaging and sturdy boxes 

If you’re up for moving your wine collection yourself, you’ll want to take the following steps.  

Think About the All The Moving Parts 

 Before even thinking about your wine, think about where it is. You need to consider your surroundings. 

Ask yourself the following: 

  • What will you need to navigate during the move? 
  • Are there stairs? How many flights? 
  • What is parking like at my current and future home? 
  • How far is your wine is from the moving vehicle? 

Joe said, “Each part of the move adds complexity. You start thinking you can move 10-15 cases of wine yourself. Then, you realize you’re packing, walking upstairs, down the driveway and into a van that’s too small.” 

We asked Chris Zago, General Manager of Domaine Saint Louis, about moving wine. “I always tell the new team members to pace themselves. They sprint out of the gates, and then they’re exhausted. The worst part of is letting them know they’re less than a third done.” 

Determining how will get your wine from origin to destination is the first step. Once you figure out how, you should ask yourself, “Am I going to need help to do this?”  

Take an Accurate Account of Your Inventory 

According to Joe, nothing can slow down a move like a lack of  preparation. “Everything starts with a great plan. Unless you use software, most people don’t know exactly how many bottles and cases they have.”  

If you’re short on time or moving yourself, packing your own wine is hard enough. You don’t want to have to run out to get more boxes or tape. Since cardboard wine boxes for moving aren’t on every corner, your move might slow down by days.   

While it may seem like common sense, we find that people underestimate all the time. “We always bring extra boxes. There’s usually wine people forget to count. Sometimes it’s a few bottles, other times it’s 10 or more cases,” said Joe.  

Before you move, get organized. 

Count the actual number of bottles. 

Make a list in Excel or use software like CellarTracker. 

Determine what types and shapes of bottles you have:

  • Champagne or oversized? 
  • Magnum or large format? 
  • Riesling or taller bottles? 

Doing this will let you know exactly how many boxes you need to order and pack. Also, you’ll be able to select the proper box for each type of bottle. This work on the front-end will help you unload and unpack with ease. And if you need to get a quote for wine moving, you’ll be able to get an accurate estimate. 

Determine The Value of Your Wine Collection   

Once you know exactly what you have, you’ll want to know how much it’s worth. Wine is expensive and fragile. That’s why most moving companies won’t move it. 

It’s often that we get the call while the moving company is in the driveway. Joe said, “It’s always tough when you hear from someone in a bind. They assumed their movers would take care of everything. We’ve been able to help out on many last-minute jobs.”  

Additionally, most homeowners policies don’t cover wine during transit. Double-check your policy to make sure you’re covered. 

We know the value of your collection, and that’s why we offer wine insurance on every move. It’s an extra level of peace of mind because of the added level of protection. 

To determine the value of your collection, start with an up-to-date inventory. There are several platforms that can help you organize and estimate your collection. If you have a lot of wine, you can hire a third party to conduct an appraisal. This option isn’t as cost-effective as doing it yourself, but there is less room for error. Plus, you’ll have time to focus on the rest of your wine move. 

The Equipment You Need  

When you’re moving your wine collection, your number one priority should be safety. Your first line of defense is the cardboard wine box. Unfortunately, not all wine boxes are equal. 

To find a proper box for moving wine, you’ll want to look at its thickness. I talked to our Marketing Manager, Brian McCann, who learned all about boxes when he worked in a retail shop.   

“When you’re in wine retail, you start to look at boxes in a different light. You admired the nice ones. After we’d fawn over them, we’d keep the great ones somewhere special in the store. We’d use them in displays or for repacking nicer wines for our best customers.” 

I asked Brian if they would ever give boxes to customers. 

“Sure, but with discretion,” said Brian. “People would walk in and say, ‘Can I have a box? I’m moving.’ Often times, they wouldn’t even buy anything. They were pretty much guaranteed to get the worst box.” 

I asked if there was a way to get a better box. He answered, “If someone was buying nice wine, was a great customer or was polite, we would get them a better box. But most of the time, it would be whatever was on hand.”  

Getting The Perfect Box 

Most of the boxes you see in a wine store are flimsy. After all, the box is an extra cost to the winery. Higher priced wine usually comes in a better box, so look for a box from one of the more expensive brands. 

Another thing to remember is that most boxes rely on the bottles to provide strength. Brian said, “Yes, there are boxes that make it from all over the world to a retail shop. But many seem to disintegrate on unboxing.” A box that’s strong enough for moving should not bend or break when moved.  It should also be able to support boxes stacked on top of it. 

While you might want to use a standard cardboard box, you should reconsider. Most of those boxes don’t do well with heavy bottles. And without inserts or dividers, you’ll have to wrap the bottles separately. If packing wine yourself, Joe recommends using boxes and inserts specifically for wine. This can make a big difference in protecting your wine from danger during transit.   

Another choice would be to use wine shipping boxes. These are expensive and bulky, but they definitely do a great job of protecting your wine. If your collection is less than two cases, this might be a great option. 

The last option would be to buy Domaine boxes. We’ve used our boxes on thousands on wine moves and everyday in our facilities. As a result, we built Domaine boxes to last. You can keep your boxes for another wine move or extra storage in your new cellar. Unlike wine shippers, they take up less space when not in use and they are more affordable. 

Time to Ship  

Now that you’re prepared, you can determine your shipping method. 

You’re ready to ship when you know: 

  • How much wine you are trying to move 
  • The value of your wine 
  • Number of boxes you need 

Depending on the size, there are three different ways you can ship your wine collection. Each has its own benefits, so please read on. 

Third-Party Shipping  

This option is perfect for anyone who is shipping either 2 cases or less. If this is the case, you will need the following: 

  • Shipper boxes
  • Appropriate shipping labels
  • Someone to sign for your wine when it’s delivered

It is possible to have your boxes temperature-controlled when using a third-party shipper. But it’s not guaranteed that they will be refrigerated the entire time. If you’re only moving a few bottles, this can be a cost-effective method. 

PickUp and Drop Off at a Domaine Facility  

If you live near a Domaine facility, we offer a pickup and drop off option. We’ve done this for many customers with smaller collections. We can help you move to or from places near the following cities: 

  • St. Louis 
  • Chicago 
  • New York 
  • Washington, DC 
  • Napa 

All you have to do is pack your boxes of wine and drop them off at any Domaine facility. Then, we will transport your collection to the Domaine facility of your choice. Once your wine arrives, you have 30 days after delivery to pick it up.   

This is a great, affordable option for those willing to do a little bit of work. Plus, your wine stays temperature-controlled as soon as you drop it off at our facility. After it arrives, our wine professionals handle it until you’re ready to pick it up.  

Domaine Transit  

If you have 10 or more cases of wine, you’ll want to consider using Domaine Transit. We can assist you with everything for moving your wine collection. From packing to unpacking, our team can make your wine move easy, and even enjoyable. 

We take care of everything and ensure your wine is protected throughout the entire move. We pack it into a refrigerated vehicle and bring it to our warehouse. There, we can perform a complete inventory of your collection. Finally, it’s shipped to your destination in a refrigerated vehicle and unpacked by our team.  

Regardless of how you choose to move your wine collection, be sure to take care and precaution. Have any questions or additional tips you’d like to add? Comment below or contact us directly. 


Employee Spotlight: Chris Zago

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When you visit Domaine, chances are you won’t be able to catch Chris kicking back with a nice glass of Burgundy. I had a hard enough time tracking him down, and his desk is 10 feet away from mine. When I did get a few moments with Chris, he was eager to chat about how he started in wine and share his work experience.

Chris ZagoChris has been the General Manager of ourSaint Louis facility for two years. Like many of our clients, he’s passionate, if not obsessed, with fine and rare wine. 

Before joining Domaine, Chris worked in hospitality since his early 20s. But he’s been around wine his entire life. At a young age, Chris’s parents sent him to Italy. For several years, he lived with his grandparents. He learned about the culture and their family traditions. And while Chris became fluent in Italian, he also ignited a passion for wine. 

A Day In The Life of Chris

As the General Manager, Chris works with clients to match services with their needs. Storing, moving, growing, selling, and enjoying, Chris knows it all. He bleeds Domaine blue.

“Since I started, the work we do has fascinated me. Our tagline says that we serve wine collectors. That’s something I put into practice every day,” said Chris. 

Chris enjoys building relationships with each client. He takes time to learn about their preferences and watch their buying patterns. “Working in the warehouse helps me learn about our clients. When shipments come in, I’m as excited as our clients for the new arrivals. I can’t wait to share the news!” It’s in these personal touches that Chris leans on his time in hospitality. 

Attention to Details 

“I was successful in the hospitality industry from the beginning, because I got to know my clients. I was eager to please. I knew clients’ kids’ names, what clients did for work, what clients liked to drink.” Chris continued to say that Domaine clients are like members and guests in past jobs. “Wherever you go, people are paying for service and experience. And everyone’s expectations are high.”   

Chris also realized early on that success at Domaine lies in the details. “The difference in a vintage or designation can dramatically affect the price. So, you have to be mindful of everything on a label. 

When I asked Chris where he gained this attention to detail, he shared a story. “In my previous life, every Wednesday, I would spend my whole day setting up one game of Mahjong for the same 30 ladies.”  

While he’s yet to set up a Mahjong table at Domaine Saint Louis, we can imagine it pristine and precise. 

Connecting The Dots On Service

Chris brought everything he learned in the hospitality industry to Domaine. He gives his undivided attention to clients and listens for the details. 

I asked Chris what his favorite questions are to ask clients. He said, “I always like to know how they started. Then, I’ll ask whether they enjoy handling and organizing their inventory.” Chris continued, “This starts to paint a picture of which level of service is best for each client.” Based on their needs, Chris recommends the appropriate storage options.  

If clients enjoy being hands-on, he steers them towards Standard Storage. While this option includes fewer services, clients can add them as needed. 

“A lot times, I’ll ask clients if they are already tracking their collection with software. If not, I recommend a one-time inventory.” 

As for clients who want hassle-free storage, including receiving and inventory, Chris recommends Premier. “People are often surprised to learn we offer Premier. For those who want to enjoy collecting without all the tasks involved, it’s a great option.” Many Premier clients enjoy working with Chris, and he’s helped them source and explore new wines.  

Maintaining Peace of Mind  

Chris has earned the trust of our clients, and of our team. Until recently, he was the only full-time employee at the Saint Louis facility. Over the years, Chris developed processes and set a new standard. He had always hoped to build a team that would maintain his caliber of customer service. 

Recently, his hard work paid off. Chris welcomed Joe Chambers as the Warehouse Manager in the Saint Louis facility in August. They worked together in the past. When looking for a trustworthy and reliable team member, Chris knew Joe was the perfect option. 

“The first thing that Chris told me about working at Domaine, ” said Joe, “is that we’re here for one reason. Our clients’ peace of mind.” In Chris’s opinion, this means always exceeding expectations. “Our clients are trusting us with something of value. So, it’s crucial for us to nurture our relationships.”

What does the future look like for Chris? 

Moving forward, Joe will maintain Chris’s high standards and manage the cellar. Chris will continue to focus on client relationships. Beyond Saint Louis, Chris will be growing the sales of Domaine’s products and services. This past summer, he spent a few weeks on the road selling cardboard wine boxes and Weinbox across the United States

For Chris, his motivation will always be going above and beyond client expectations. That makes him excited to evolve his role in sales. “It’s nice knowing that our products and services are something collectors need. It’s storage, but it’s a whole lot more. Our moving services, organization, custom cardboard, Weinbox. They’re all solutions to problems in wine collecting.” 

If you want to get in touch with Chris and learn about all the solutions Domaine has to offer,  contact us and we’ll be in touch soon. 

Maximize Your Cellar Space With Our Wine Boxes

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All wine collectors make it to this point sooner or later.

Your bottles are sitting unbothered in their dark nooks at 55 degrees and 70 percent humidity. The dust is accumulating because you’re patiently waiting for them to mature. Meanwhile, you’re eagerly awaiting several cases to add to your collection after a successful trip to Napa. There’s one problem. You don’t know if you have enough space to fit it all anymore.

Whether you’re storing your collection in a home cellar or a wine storage facility, space is extremely valuable. If you’re starting to notice that your storage is almost at capacity, it’s time to rethink how you’re storing your wine.  

The solution to your cramped wine storage is the Domaine Cardboard Wine Box

You need to organize your wine in boxes that are built for wine storage. This way you aren’t left digging through crumpled cardboard and styrofoam. The Domaine wine box can fit every size or shape of wine bottle, standing up or laying on their side. They’re thicker than typical boxes and they can be stacked without being crushed. 


Our boxes are perfect for long-term storage in your cellar or our facilities.

In some cases, the reason that wine storage becomes difficult is because of the variety in bottle shapes and sizes. The Domaine wine boxes are built with all types of wine bottles in mind. They’re tall enough to accommodate the height of longer bottles such as California Cabernet and German Riesling bottles. 

Perhaps, you’ve been using traditional wooden wine boxes to store your collection. Those are great for stacking and organizing, but they’re more difficult to work with. This is especially true when you’re on the hunt for a specific bottle. If you’ve been using wine shipping boxes with styrofoam shippers, you’re losing valuable storage space. Our boxes are nearly half the size. 

Domaine Boxes are also easy to travel with. It makes packing and unpacking wines a breeze, especially when traveling to a holiday party or wine event. We use our boxes in our facilities everyday to prepare wine for pickups, deliveries and long-term storage. 

Whether you prefer to stand your bottles upright or lay them on their sides, there is a Domaine wine box that can fit your needs and maximize your space. 

Want to see them for yourself? Click here to view them on our shop. Please reach out with any questions you have about the Domaine wine boxes or other Domaine Storage services.  

Employee Spotlight: Joe Quigle

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Moving Wine with Joe QuigleDid you know that Domaine moved 24,282 cases of wine last year for collectors nationwide? Moving wine is no simple task. And moving this much wine for our clients wouldn’t be possible without Joe Quigle. 

Meet Joe Quigle  

What do you get when you combine a wine collection with an 18-wheeler? We’d like to think you get Joe Quigle, Transit General Manager at Domaine Storage. Joe is as fanatical about the individual aspects of each wine move as he is about his beloved St. Louis Blues. Joe ensures the seamless logistics of every wine move for our clients. This includes the packing, picking up, shipping, delivering, organizing and installing of their collections. 

Before joining Domaine, Joe spent fifteen years learning the ropes of the trucking industry. We’re fortunate to have added his expertise to our transit operations for the past few years. Under Joe, the Transit Division has grown to serve even more collectors. 

When he’s not thinking about booking wine moves or watching the Blues, Joe spends time with his family. Believe it or not, even though he works in the wine industry, he’s not the biggest wine enthusiast in his family.  

When asked about his passion for wine, Joe said, “I like buying it more than drinking it. It’s fun to learn about wine, shop around and get a good deal.” He continued, “Plus, my wife likes drinking wine, and she likes when I buy good stuff.” 

Joe recently celebrated the Blues’ Stanley Cup Championship with a bottle of ’08 Dom Perignon. He confirmed that it pairs best with long-awaited victory. 

What Joe Likes About Working At Domaine? 

One of the things that attracted Joe to Domaine was the company’s entrepreneurial spirit. As the lead operator in our Transit division, Joe has guided its continued success. “It’s been fun to work with our team who support Transit almost every day. Everyone in Saint Louis, Chicago, New York, DC and Napa quickly responds to my many requests. It has been phenomenal. I couldn’t do it without them.” 

In addition to working with a great team, Joe enjoys the work-life balance at Domaine. Even though he’s always making transit happen, Joe still enjoys time with his family and watching sports.   

Beyond the entrepreneurial spirit, great team members and work-life balance, Joe loves the care that goes into protecting client collections.  

“We’ve gone to great lengths to develop an amazing transit network. Everyone who works with us knows how to properly wrap a pallet and maintain the temperature of our client’s wine.”  

Joe shares this level of care and commitment for our clients. 

What Does A Typical Day Look Like For Joe?  

Lately, for Joe, there haven’t been any slow days in Transit. He’s certainly happy about that because he loves staying busy helping clients with their wine collections.  

A “normal day” in Transit is a balancing act. Joe is talking to new clients, communicating with drivers and confirming pickups and deliveries. Additionally, he’s connecting with clients whose moves are in progress. 

“No matter what the size of the job is, our clients want to know that we’re caring for their collection. Communication is key, so I keep them updated throughout the entire wine moving process.”  

Joe is always asking lots of questions. He goes to great lengths to make sure he knows the ins and outs of every wine move. When you book your wine move with Joe, he’ll get to know you and your collection personally.  

What Does The Road Ahead Look Like For Joe? 

Joe has helped grow Domaine’s Transit Division over the past two years, and he’s eager to see the evolution continue. “I’d love to see us open a new location. Somewhere in the southeast would be ideal, because we move a lot of wine to Florida.” Joe continued, “Texas would great be too. It’s a growing wine market, and I know people there would love our storage and advisory services too.” 

He’s also looking forward to visiting our partners more frequently. “Earlier this year, I had a chance to sit down with the team at Advantage. We spend so much time on the phone, and every so often, I get to spend a few minutes with drivers when they come to St. Louis.” He continued, “Their team is so important to our business. It was great to sit down face-to-face to let them know what an amazing job they do with our clients’ wine.”  

If you’re interested in learning more about moving wine, feel free to reach out to Joe directly. You can get in touch here, and he’ll get back to you soon. 


How We Can Help You Buy Wine at Auction

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How We Can Help You Buy Wine at Auction

The fall auction season is upon us, and even at this early stage, I am looking at a stack nearly 8” tall on my desk of auction catalogs, with more coming almost every day. It’s an embarrassment of riches and overwhelming at the same time. I’m sure many of you feel the same way. We know that auctions are imperfect with so many variables impacting what sells and for how much, but simply put, they are often the best and sometimes only way to find wines you are looking for. This is especially true for back vintages. At the same time, the older a wine is the more careful we must be about researching its condition and provenance before deciding what to pay or placing a bid.

Some of our clients have relied on us to help both ongoing and periodically for our entire history. We realize far more of you would like to participate in auctions but are held back by many reasonable concerns. The most common of which are below.

1. How do we tell good bottles from bad and avoid common mistakes and pitfalls?Image of Auction

2. Who has time to review photos or inspect lots before bidding?

3. How do we decide what market price really is, when catalog estimates can vary so much from house to house or sale to sale?

4. There are too many sales on the same day or close together. How do we deploy bids and capital in a conservative and rational manner?

5. Dealing with payment and shipment is a hassle, each house has different procedures

6. Reconciling what is received and verifying conditions asap is time-consuming and daunting

7. What if there is a problem at delivery? Who can handle discrepancies and condition issues for me?

The good news is that we are here to help. For a very modest cost, we can develop a bidding strategy, provide objective pricing data based on thorough review of historical results, offer insight when we know the back story on a collector, consignment or particular bottle and make sure your winnings are safely inbound to your storage or home cellar. We attend many auctions in person and even more online or by phone. Most importantly, since we are spending your money, we never get auction fever and never exceed bid limits. Even if you enjoy attending auctions, let us do the preparation before and cleanup work after. All you need to do is enjoy the show!

To learn more or join us at an upcoming sale, please contact us and let us know. It’s that easy.



Have any questions or comments about the auction process? Comment below, we’d love to hear from you.

Press Release -Domaine Napa Poised for Commercial Growth

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Contact: Brian McCann

Company: Domaine Storage

Phone: (314) 667-5328



Domaine Wine Storage Napa Poised for Commercial Growth

Wineries’ Library Collections Can Expect The Same Service As Individual Collectors


Napa, CA: Domaine Napa has positioned itself to better serve Napa Valley wineries’ library collections. Before opening officially in October 2017, Domaine held a strategic presence in Napa for receiving and safely shipping California wines to Domaine clients throughout the U.S. Peter Molinari, Domaine Napa’s General Manager and St. Helena native, was working with storage and fulfillment centers to grow Domaine’s presence and collect wine for their nationwide clients before the storage facility opened. Now, the local Napa team includes Peter and two Chicago transplants, each who served as Domaine Chicago Warehouse Managers. Four Domaine facilities and dedicated Operations, Transit, Marketing, Technology, Human Resources and Accounting personnel support the Napa Team.


Peter Molinari said, “We’ve adapted to meet the needs of the community. We’ve settled into our own space, built our private client storage base and accelerated the growth of our consolidated shipping program.” He continues, “We’ve spent the last year asking questions and listening to wineries. Continually, we heard about the difficulty in accessing library wines from storage for tastings and sales.” Adam Young, Napa’s Warehouse Manager, added, “With a larger team and efficient warehouse operations, we’re now able to support special circumstances for last minute requests, like the need of back vintage wines for a dinner tomorrow, or even in a couple hours. We understand because we’re wine people in the storage industry.”


Domaine Napa Winery Storage clients can expect the same great service and features that Domaine’s private individual clients have received for the past 15 years.


  • 8,500 sq. ft of refrigerated storage space
  • Earthquake-tested steel racking design
  • Redundant cooling and humidification system
  • Ideal storage temperatures of 55°F and 70% humidity
  • 24/7 security and systems monitoring
  • Backup generator
  • Access to a team of wine professionals with decades of industry experience
  • Ability to purchase additional insurance coverage for breakage, including earthquake coverage (in the warehouse and in transit)
  • Local and nationwide temperature-controlled shipping and pick-up options


About Domaine: Domaine is the largest network of wine storage facilities in the U.S. with facilities in Saint Louis, Chicago, New York, Washington, DC and Napa. Since 2003, Domaine has assisted wine collectors with sourcing, storing, protecting, organizing and transporting their wine. Domaine’s goal is to allow clients to enjoy their wine collection with ease and peace of mind.





Domaine Storage - Napa Team - Peter Molinari Adam Young

Weinbox – The Future Looks Bright

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Weinbox – The Future Looks Bright

It wasn’t all that long ago that we discovered Weinbox and introduced it to our clients.

It quickly attracted a number of fans, and we had a hard time keeping it available on both our shop and our Amazon page.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the next evolution in Weinbox, as we’ve been named exclusive importer.


Supply and Demand of Weinbox

In the past, we’d order as many Weinboxes as we could get our hands on. However, the more we ordered, the more we had to meet the demands of our growing audience. There are plenty of variables that create supply chain headaches since we import the product from Germany. As a result, we’ve been hopeful for the right partner who could keep up with the state-side enthusiasm.


Weinbox  black and red colors stacks of five in a dining room

ISOCO is the licensed manufacturer of Weinbox and will help Domaine bring it to even more consumers.

Enter ISOCO, The Licensed Manufacturer of Weinbox

We’re excited to announce our new relationship with ISOCO Plastics Technology, who brings a great deal of expertise to the manufacturing processes. Beyond producing Weinbox, ISOCO is a leading manufacturer of injection molded and fiber reinforced plastics with over 30 years of experience.

We’re thrilled to bring Weinbox to even more people in 2019.


Continued Evolution

With more Weinboxes than we ever thought possible, we’re going to incrementally build on our past success to reach even more of the product audience. This new access to inventory allows us to offer better bulk pricing for individuals and businesses. We’ve always felt that it has usage outside of our wine storage facilities and people’s homes. Restaurants, bars, retailers, wineries, breweries and distillers could all benefit from its flexible and small footprint.

Additionally, we’ve begun to re-evaluate our eCommerce offerings and shipping options to make the entire ordering process more streamlined. With a number of changes on the horizon in 2019, everyone can expect an improved shopping experience in the near future.

Ultimately, we know that offering Weinbox strengthens the relationship with our clients and deepens our connection in the wine community.


Weinbox - green - stacked - table - plant

The Weinbox is perfect for storage inside and outside the home. Being foldable and stackable allows you to grow your wine storage with ease.

Try It For Yourself

If you’re interested in trying Weinbox, you can purchase it directly via the links below. You can buy directly from our store or Amazon. Also, we offer discount pricing on bulk orders of 30 units or more.

How would like to purchase?




Press Release – Domaine Wine Storage appointed exclusive importer for Weinbox in North America

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Contact: Brian McCann

Company: Domaine Storage

Phone: (314) 667-5328




Domaine Wine Storage appointed exclusive importer for Weinbox in North America

Collectors gain increased access to one of the best wine storage solutions



Saint Louis, MO: Domaine is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with ISOCO Plastics Technology. ISOCO, a leading manufacturer of injection molded and fiber reinforced plastics, holds the license to manufacturer Weinbox worldwide. Weinbox has emerged as the ideal solution for storing loose wine bottles in a wide variety of applications. Domaine will continue to offer these crates through their storefront and their own website for small quantity orders. Wine retailers and storage facilities will have the ability to purchase higher volumes and bulk orders in 2019.


Domaine Marketing Manager, Brian McCann notes, “We are thrilled to work with ISOCO to make Weinbox more available to wine consumers throughout North America. For years, we’ve been huge fans of this product and sell as many as we can get.” He continues, “While we’ve spent countless hours improving our corrugated wine boxes for use in our facilities, Weinbox presents a great alternative that can compete with more traditional storage options inside and outside of the home.”


ISOCO brings experience and volume to the manufacturing process that will eliminate past issues of backorders, delays and shipping headaches. This means current and prospective clients can expect better availability, opportunity for bulk discounts and decreased logistics costs to destinations throughout North America.


  • Weinbox crates are made from 100% recyclable material.
  • Weinbox accommodates numerous bottle shapes including Riesling, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne, Magnums and other odd-sized types.
  • With front and rear access doors, collectors can easily retrieve bottles even in tall stacks, as opposed to traditional corrugated boxes.
  • Weinbox provides a long-term storage solution without risk of carboard fatigue, sagging or breakage that comes with storing in old boxes.
  • Weinbox has found fans among private collectors, wine retailers, wine storage facilities, wineries and even on cruise ships.



About Domaine: Domaine is the largest network of wine storage facilities in the U.S. with facilities in Saint Louis, Chicago, New York, Washington, DC and Napa. Since 2003, Domaine has assisted wine collectors with procuring, storing, protecting and transporting their wine. Domaine is personally invested in taking care of its client’s wine with the utmost care. Their goal is to allow clients to enjoy their wine collection with ease and peace of mind.





Wine Delivery Dates to the Hamptons

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hamptons emailHave Your Wine Delivered

We are already gearing up for your wine delivery needs this summer. The Domaine New York team scheduled deliveries to the Hamptons and Eastern Long Island on the following dates:

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