The Best Source for your Wine Shipping Needs

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The Best Source for your Wine Shipping Needs

Domaine Transit is a groundbreaking national logistics network crafted specially for wine collectors.  A common carrier, Domaine can efficiently transport wine in refrigerated vehicles to and from most locations; including homes, auction houses and wineries.  Currently managing shipments all over the globe, Domaine Transit is the perfect solution for a move between homes or to pick up a consignment.


Domaine’s consolidated shipping platform is a method through which both domestic and international clients save money on wine shipping.  Domaine collects the wines that clients purchase at its hubs around the US.  When a sizable shipment is created at any given hub, Domaine ships this wine in refrigerated vehicles through its network, distributing each case into the proper storage account.  Whether you are buying wine from across the country or aroudn the world, this program is one of the best ways to reduce your shipping costs.


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