Domaine Services


CategoryEstimated ValueRate of Annual Premium
Wineup to $50,000.00$0.75 per $100 in estimated value
$50,000.01 to $250,000.00$0.70 per $100 in estimated value
$250,000.01 to $1,000,000.00$0.60 per $100 in estimated value
More than $1,000,000.00$0.50 per $100 in estimated value
Beer and SpiritsAll Values$0.75 per $100 in estimated value
Transit Freight ShipmentsAll Values$0.75 per $100 in estimated value

Other Services

LABORA La Carte Warehouse/Administrative Labor$90 per hour, 1/4 hour increments
On-site Packing/Unpacking$100 per hour, 1/4 hour increments
Collection Appraisal and Associate Consulting$145 per hour
Inbound/Outbound Activity Rates (Domaine New York Only)$3.50 per full case
$3.00 per full 6-pack
$2.40 per line item
$15.00 max charge per box accessed
DOMAINE PICKUPTemperature controlled transfer between Domaine Facilities$30 per box
Local pickup when needed+$15 per box
Cardboard Layflats6 pack, 750ml – $8.00 each
12 pack, 750ml – $10.00 each
Cardboard Upright12 pack, 750ml – $10.00 each
Cardboard Magnum6 pack, 1.5L – $10.00 each
Weinbox Modular Storage System12 pack, 750ml – $24.00 each
PALLET STORAGETemporary Pallet Storage, limited availability$150 per pallet per month
Pallet break fee$85 pallet break fee per occurrence
CROSS DOCKIncludes forklift load/offload and 5 business days temporary storage$125 per pallet
Hand loading/offloading and pallet wrapAdditional fees apply
(Available in Chicago, Florida, St. Louis, New York, and Washington, DC)
Weekdays: 3-hour event$750
Weekends: 3-hour event$1,500
Rates include 1 Domaine employee for 3 hours including set up and clean up$100 per hour for each additional hour after 3
ADVISORYCellarTracker (w/ Barcode Labels)$3.95 per bottle
CellarTracker (w/o Barcode Labels)$2.95 per bottle
Acquisition and Consignment ServicesAvailable upon request